On the Road: Lake Placid

Like most of us FTEers, I spent last weekend swimming, biking, and running.  However, I vacated our typical spots and headed to the Adirondacks, specifically Lake Placid.


Sure, logging laps in the pool, riding on 9W, and running in Central Park gets the training done, but I loved escaping the city—and volunteering for the iconic Ironman Lake Placid.


This five-day span marked my return to area for the first time in six years.  Back during my high school basketball days, my team played in a tournament there.  I hadn’t heard of triathlon at the time, and we didn’t get a chance to truly explore and experience the village. (I blame the chaperones!) That wasn’t the case this time around, though.

Two teammates and I made the trek—Drew was racing, and Jenny was volunteering with me—and we had a blast!

A few training highlights:  swimming in Mirror Lake.


A little different than our workouts at Chelsea Piers, right?


Riding one loop of the bike course.


Plus chalking it for race day!


Speaking of race day, Jenny and I volunteered and helped with “gear bags out.”  Here’s how it worked:  After the triathletes exited the water and jogged to transition, they grabbed their bike gear bags, entered the changing tents, and made necessary clothing changes for their 112-mile ride.  Then, volunteers working inside slid the bags (now filled with swim gear) back outside.  From there, 30 or so volunteers organized the bags in numerical order and then placed them back on their respective racks.


We completed our shift in a little less than an hour and a half, and then it was time to cheer!


The IMLP course is very spectator friendly, so we got to see Drew several times.  And as you can tell, he was always smiling and having fun.


'You are an Ironman!'


It would be an understatement to say watching Drew complete this race was inspirational.  His training, discipline, and hard work definitely paid off, and he looked loose, strong, and happy throughout the day; he truly savored the experience.  It is this outlook I plan to take to Age Group Nationals in Milwaukee next weekend.

5 Things I Loved About The Stamford KIC It Triathlon

On June 30, I completed my third swim-bike-run event of the season, the Stamford KIC It Triathlon.


About 25 of my Full Throttle Endurance teammates and I left New York City to take on this Olympic-distance race—and we did really well!

Aside from 10 FTE podium finishes, there are five big reasons I had a blast during this Connecticut triathlon.

1.  The location and atmosphere.  About an hour outside of New York City, this race was ideal for NYC triathletes:  close enough that staying overnight wasn’t required, but far enough away that it provided an escape from the concrete jungle.  Plus, Stamford reminded me of my tiny Upstate New York hometown in terms of both appearance and attitude.  It seemed like the entire city came out for this event.  Which brings me to …
2.  The volunteers.  How many people would wake up at 3 a.m. for a Sunday morning race?  And how many people would wake up that early to volunteer for said race?  Seriously, they were awesome and brought their A-game; packet pick up went smoothly, and they were visible on the bike course (and not just because they wore neon pink t-shirts), and everyone was simply excited.
3.  The bike course signs.  When you’re climbing a killer hill and struggling big time in the saddle, you need something—anything—to take your mind off the pain.

Well played, Stamford.
4.  The iced coffee post race.  Enough said.
5.  The time spent with my teammates.  Yes, we train together nearly every day, and racing intensifies our camaraderie.  Even though we swim, bike, and run solo, we still cheer, support, and encourage each other en route to the finish line.

I loved seeing my teammates on the course, and some made the trip just to spectate.  How awesome is that?

So when's the next race?  A bunch of us are gearing up for the 13th Annual Aquaphor New York City Triathlon this Sunday, and you know what they say:  go Full Throttle or go home!