Trial By Fire


TBF Relay

Full Throttle Endurance will host a charity TBF RELAY on Thursday Feb 15th @ 6am.

Each team will have two athletes; athletes will either swim or run, not both

Each teams donate $50 as the entry fee; 2018 Charity recipients will be revealed at the event


Just in case you forgot or do not know the distances;

Swimmers / Runners

100 Swim / 400 Run

200 Swim / 800 Run

300 Swim / 1 mile Run

400 Swim / 1 1/2 mile Run

500 Swim / 1 3/4 Run


Total = 1500 Swim / 5 mile Run


Put it on your calendars... this is happening :)

In March, 4 weeks before the South Beach Triathlon, each athlete will do the entire race solo, so look at this as a TEAM building exercise that will allow you to really work on one side or the other at above RP.

The winning male and female teams will receive choice of Rudy Project helmet or racing glasses..

If the overall winning team is female, they get both :))

AgroSport will provide all athletes with hydration and pre-nutrition for the TBF event.


6 lanes / 40 swimmers = 6 ish athletes per lane


We are looking forward to this epic team building event

Thank you